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EVPO Document Circulation – getting started part 1 (installation)

EVPO Document Circulation (http://evpodc.codeplex.com) Installation

The installation is easy because the application comes with a lightweight web server. All you need is run the installer and find the “EVPO Document Circulation” shortcut in your Start/All Programs. You also need a running instance of MySql server. You can install it after this installer.


  • MySql Server needs to be available in your network and you need its machine name and the port number (if not default).
  • Windows machine with .NET Framework 2.0.

When you run the shortcut, the configuration wizard will start. When the configuration is finished, the same short cut will be opening the application normally (picture 1).


Picture 1

The system needs administrative access to the MySql database server to create its database and two accounts. The wizard doesn’t create or modify anything at this step yet. However, it checks the access to the database server.

In step 2 you will be asked the name of the database. If you install the application for the second time and already have the database, only enter its name and untick “Create new database”. If you don’t, your existing database will be lost as it says on the page.


Picture 2

In step 3 of the wizard two accounts will be created in MySql server. EVPO DC will use them to access the database. You don’t need to remember the passwords. They will be written to the application configuration files later (Warning: they will be in the config file in plain text).

Step 4 (see picture 3): The web application needs permissions to write in that directory. The ASP.NET account set by default cannot modify files in directories. This is not the case when you use the installer. The server is run in Utildev cassini web server. It uses the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account that have all the necessary permissions. Click next. The directory will be created.


Picture 3.

In Step 5 the wizard needs to know SMTP server details to send email notifications to users. They will be also saved in the settings file (Warning: in plain text) (see Figure 2)


Picture 4.

Most accounts require SSL. Google Main is one of them.

In step 6 (Picture 5) the wizard will save everything you have entered to the specified configuration file (evpodc.config) (Warning: all entered information and passwords will be in the file in plain text).


Then the application will open. The default password for DocCircAdmin is 1

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